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Europa and the Bi Alien Chronicles

Europa and the Bi Alien Chronicles

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Part alien/part human, Europa (Eury) has grown up traveling the galaxy with their Mother and lands on Earth in a post-digital society where humans and aliens co-exist. Amid global galactic integration and threats from the resistance, Eury comes to find themselves, a new home, and the true meaning of love and human connection.

During the Great Revolt, Earth's deepest secrets were revealed. After centuries of loss, societies had no choice but to rebuild and design more sustainable communities and embrace new paradigms. While the Agency ushered in change, those who longed for the old ways began to quietly organize and plot their next move. New to Earth, Eury is building their own life, exploring their passions and identity, and developing deep connections with humans and nature. They had finally found everything they were looking for but with the shifting world order is all of it destined to be destroyed? Will Eury find the strength and courage needed to embrace change both inside and out?

About the Artist

Nik Hulstein is a writer, artist, and queer activist. She has worked in education for over fifteen years and holds degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and a Master’s of Education. Hulstein was first published at a young age, but this is her debut book release. As one of the founders of a local artist collective she has helped coordinate community projects, local artist markets, workshops, events, and art shows. She believes that the process of creating and experiencing art in many forms can be therapeutic and has the power to heal and bring communities together. Hulstein resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

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