Rowena Cage (she/they) has always been a creative person, after she "came out" as queer, she started to express herself in new ways that were not well received. She quickly realized that there was a need for more queer-friendly and gender-affirming companies. So, she started Tinsy Thoughts™ as a way to create representation for the queer community with her original designs. In 2022, she changed the name of the business to Queerarchy™ to better reflect the mission of the company.

She is the lead concept designer for the Queerarchy and wrote, illustrated and self-published the book 'Pinapel and Friends. Who Are They?'. The book features Pinapel and Friends™, a queer inclusive and diverse world of characters she developed over the course of 10 years. 

After her first child was born, Rowena was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which she has navigated it for 20 years. When she almost lost her life less than a year into the business, she decided it was best to quit her job as a realtor and to make the company a full-time business.

Queerarchy™ is a community where all are welcome, where all genders and sexualities are free to share their thoughts, feelings, and express themselves with pride and dignity. We strive for positivity in all aspects of life - from empowering individuals through thoughts, words, and actions, to providing gender expression and identity resources for anyone who may need them. 

Rowena started doodling the Pinapel and Friends characters over 10 years ago, and in that time, they have evolved tremendously into the illustrations you see today. Rowena wanted to create something whimsical, personal, and helpful - something that people could also relate to. Pinapel And Friends™ is a cute and playful LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive world created to inspire self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance, to affirm gender identity and gender expression while changing the narrative around the use of gender pronouns.

"It means so much to be able to share the Queerarchy™ mission with you. My hearts smiles when I am able to make you smile with my creations, and I have lots more to come for Pinapel and Friends™."

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