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Pinapel And Friends. Who Are They? Book

Pinapel And Friends. Who Are They? Book

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In the charming series debut, Pinapel and Friends. Who are they?, you'll meet a diverse  LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive cast of characters and friends. Pinapel and Friends. Who are they? also includes a resource guide for parents and educators to learn more about the use of gender pronouns and gender expression with recourse to learn and talk about queer inclusiveness to their children and students.

Pinapel, they/them, has just moved into a new neighborhood, and the neighbors are excited to meet a new friend! Not assigning any gender roles, everyone asks questions using they, them, their as pronouns. Will they be friends? When will they meet Pinapel? 

Pinapel And Friends. Who Are They? introduces readers to the cute and whimsical, LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive world created by Rowena, founder of Queerarchy™.  Queerarchy™ is on a mission to inspire self-love and self-acceptance and to affirm gender identity and gender expression while changing the narrative around the use of gender pronouns so that everyone can live their live their life their way with dignity.

Order a copy today and say hello to Pinapel and Friends™!

Fulfillment will begin in April 2023.

If you know of a business that would like to purchase a bulk set of books to donate to a school or organization or you would like to donate a copy see the donation-only copy.

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