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Strawbry (she/her) Vinyl Sticker

Strawbry (she/her) Vinyl Sticker

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Strawbry (she/her) 3" Vinyl Sticker. Strawbry is a fiery ball of energy, always ready for the next big adventure! With a spirit that won't be boxed in, even by a misassigned birth gender, she's a fearless voice for what she stands for. She's all about the flair, the fun, and the fearless, cheering everyone on with her lively motto: "Be Sassy!" That's Strawbry's dazzling way of saying, "Rock your true self and own it with style!"

Strawbry is an original character from Pinapel And Friends - an LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive world created by Rowena, founder of Queerarchy™. Queerarchy™ is on a mission to affirm gender identity and gender expression while changing the narrative around the use of gender pronouns and to inspire self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance.

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